COIL Conference and Publication CFPs

CUNY COIL Colloquium
April 12, 2018
LaGuardia Community College, CUNY

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This CUNY-wide Colloquium seeks to explore pedagogical practices that facilitate global learning and cross-cultural communication via online platforms. Known as “virtual learning,” “telecollaboration,” “online intercultural exchange,” “globally networked classrooms,” and “Collaborative Online International Learning” (COIL), such initiatives (referred to henceforth as COIL for convenience sake) have flourished at several CUNY campuses. They seek to advance students’ understanding of global
issues, events and histories while creating opportunities for ethical engagement with local and global cultures.

The goal of this colloquium is to create a forum for CUNY faculty and staff involved in developing courses with COIL elements to share their experiences, pose and respond to questions about launching and sustaining COIL, and begin building a robust network for COIL practitioners at CUNY. The panel topics may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Theoretical and methodological frameworks for COIL;
  • Learning goals and relevant COIL assignments;
  • Assessment models for COIL projects;
  • COIL within disciplines: best practices, challenges, lessons learned;
  • COIL across disciplines: best practices, challenges, lessons learned;
  • Co-curricular COIL projects;
  • Cross-campus collaborations (including community-senior college collaborations);
  • Effective technology tools for COIL;
  • Strategies for working across language differences;
  • Launching and sustaining COIL at individual campuses and/or in/across academic departments;
  • Research projects emerging from COIL practices.

We encourage proposals for individual presentations and full panels; individual presenters may be asked to collaborate with others when thematic pairings emerge. International partners can participate via Skype or other platforms.

Please submit your proposal of 300 words to by February 1, 2019. Include the following information in the body of your email:

  1. Presenter name(s), include virtual co-presenter(s)
  2. Email, phone # for each presenter
  3. Institutional affiliation and title for each presenter
  4. Panel or Individual Presentation
  5. A/V needs (specify):

If you have any questions as you develop your proposal, please contact the conference program coordinator: Olga Aksakalova (