February 2021: The French Ambassador Philippe Etienne congratulates LaGuardia for being awarded the grant from the FACE Foundation, Transitioning to Virtual Exchange in his official announcement. The grant will fund three COIL exchanges between Drs. Habiba Boumlik (ELA), Tuli Chatterji (English), and Lucy McNair (English) and their faculty partners in France and French Guiana.

December 2020: LaGuardia hosts Faculty and Student Showcase featuring presentations from twelve LaGuardia faculty, their international partners and students.

November 2020: LaGuardia was awarded a grant, Transitioning to Virtual Exchange, from the FACE Foundation. The grant will support the development and implementation of three COIL courses with French institutions. Congratulations to COIL faculty Dr. Habiba Boumlik, Dr. Tuli Chatterji, and Dr. Lucy McNair!

September 2020: LaGuardia COIL faculty Phyllis Van Slyck, Kyoko Toyama, Olivera Stankovic, Tuli Chatterji and Olga Aksakalova, as well as student from Olivera Stankovic’s course Paul Mauga, present at International Virtual Exchange Conference (IVEC): “Facilitating Student Engagement and Agency in COIL Projects: Programmatic, Faculty and Student Perspectives.”

July 2020: Olga Aksakalova and Tuli Chatterji introduce COIL to St. Mira’s College in Pune, India.

June 2020: Six COIL projects from the Spring semester are presented by LaGuardia faculty and students, as well as their international partners, at the Faculty and Student COIL Showcase.

February 2020: Virtual Exchange Expert Dr. Mirjam Hauck visits CUNY.

December 2019: Eight COIL projects from the Fall semester are presented by LaGuardia faculty and students and their international partners at the Faculty and Student COIL Showcase.