Summer 2022

CONGRATULATIONS to thirteen new Faculty Fellows who will participate in the multi-national US-Middle East and North Africa COIL program Global Scholars Achieving Career Success supported by the Stevens Initiative

Ian Alberts, Ingrid Veras, & Joby Jacobs (Natural Sciences)
Kelly Aliano, Rochell Isaac, & Lucy McNair (English)
Nancy Bandiera, Dahlia Elsayed, & Arianne Fernandez (Humanities)
Alaa Darabseh (Math, Engineering, and Computer Science)
Sada Hye Jaman (Business & Technology)
Neetu Kaushik (Social Science)
Maria Savva (Education & Language Acquisition) 

CONGRATULATIONS also to the 2021-22 GSACS Faculty Fellows:
Maria Savva and Lamees Fadl (Education & Language Acquisition)
M. Victoria Perez-Rios (Social Science)
Olivera Stankovic (Humanities)
Rochell Isaac & Lara Kattekola (English)
Nicolle Fernandes (Natural Sciences)
Milena Cuellar (Math, Engineering and Computer Science)

Please see their amazing Fall ’21 projects and Spring ’22 projects

Spring 2022 COIL Showcase
On June 8, LaGuardia faculty and students were joined by their international partners at the COIL Showcase where they presented their semester’s projects. CONGRATULATIONS to all participants!!! The synchronous session can be viewed here and asynchronous gallery here.

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