Past COIL courses (Selected)

Below is a list of selected COIL courses offered in the past (click on title to expand). Please check back regularly for new courses.

Instructor: Dr. Olga Aksakalova

Semester: Spring 2018

Faculty Partner and Institution: Dr. Ashley Squires, Director of Writing and Communication Center, New Economic School, Moscow, Russia

Course Description: The course combines discussion of writing theory with actual tutoring and mentoring experiences. Students learn about methodologies of composition instruction and practice tutoring strategies designed especially for community college students. They observe Writing Center tutorials and practice tutoring themselves.

COIL assignments (below) help to meet the following learning objectives:
– Compare and contrast student-centered techniques for tutoring academic writing.
– Analyze in writing how issues of cultural and linguistic diversity affect tutoring and writing in theory and in practice.

Assignments and Tech Tools:
- Asynchronous communication: videos and WordPress blog
– Three blog posts + responses
– Post-COIL reflection


- Assessment: 20% of course grade
- Integrate international peers’ responses into final course assignment: tutoring philosophy
- Post-COIL reflection

For more details on the course, please contact Dr. Olga Aksakalova at